At Myoset we provide bespoke hands-on manual therapy and movement programming. Backed by science, our application focuses on reducing pain, improving range of motion, and reducing the risk of future injuries


We’ve helped thousands of people and we know how to get you past your pain so you can perform your best. Making a positive impact on your life is our personal commitment to you.


Our unique total body treatment approach improves range of motion, reinstates balance, reduces pain, decreases tension, increases speed of recovery and grows your strength.



All of our sessions begin with an assessment of your movement patterns and posture alignment. This allows us to locate areas of tension and target your treatment to alleviate your discomfort


Hands on treatment is at the heart of all treatments. Our manual therapy specialists include highly qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists. We aim to restore joint mobility and release muscle tension to allow you to move pain free.

restorative EXERCISE

As soon as we reduce the discomfort in your body, we turn our attention to working with you to improve the overall imbalances, quality of movement during your workouts and in everyday life using, bespoke restorative exercises.


Below are some frequently asked questions which could help you. 

Your initial assessment and treatment take roughly one hour, and follow up visits are either 30 or 60 minutes in length. (longer time slots are available on request)
Yes, all our sessions begin initially with an assessment, including muscle and joint testing, while also getting you to perform active movements during to treatment so we can monitor changes made throughout the session, this allows us to ultimately identify the cause of your pain and see you through your entire Myoset journey.
Whilst your Myoset Therapist will be able to provide you with a much more precise timeframe following your initial assessment, we generally say for slight non chronic injuries and mobility difficulties we can see substantial improvements within 4-6 sessions. For more significant chronic injuries and mobility issues we estimate around 10-15 sessions. For severe or long-term chronic issues, it may take up to 20 sessions to see a notable solution of your symptoms.

Yes.   We provide one to one private assessments and treatment plans from the comfort of your home.

Bring yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

At Myoset we have a holistic approach to restoring your body, this includes looking beyond the direct issue and considering all other factors of your lifestyle. This then helps us strategically determine the crux of any pain, discomfort and issues preventing you from enhancing performance. At Myoset our technique is based on creating permanent change, we are very hands on with our approach.
Absolutely YES, we have treated thousands of patients and have ample experience with many types of injuries and complex movement dysfunctions. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific concerns prior to your first session and we will answer your questions for you.
All our Myoset Therapists come from qualified professional backgrounds: either in physiotherapy, osteopathy, or massage therapy. In addition to their professional training regular CPD (continue professional development) is required to ensure we are continually optimising our skills. On top of that we continue to conduct in house training to advance the bespoke Myoset method.
All of our Myoset Therapists working within our clinics have gone through extensive on field training. This puts us in a position to be able to solve a wide range of challenges that clients present to us every single day. You can’t go wrong with any of our Therapists, with many of us qualified in various fields. (Check out our therapist bio page)

Yes. We are registered with all major insurance companies including AXA, Aviva, Bupa, Vitality and TruHealth

As stated in our cancellation policy, if you need to reschedule or cancel your session, we require 24 hours’ notice in advance. If you cancel or change your session within 24 hours, we will process a cancellation fee at the value of your session.
All our pricing is displayed on our online booking system and depends on if it’s an initial visit or a follow up. Please confirm with your insurance provider prior to making an appointment and if you have any further questions or need help sorting out your insurance plan, just contact us.